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The Single Biggest Reasons That Companies Of All Sizes Fail At Marketing.



Marketing Strategy...

Anyone can build you a web site. To be successful, you'll need a marketing strategy team.

To understand why smart people often don't succeed at marketing amazing companies with excellent offerings we need to understand what marketing "really" is...

Marketing is a battle. Victory is in winning the hearts and minds of the consumers in our target group(s). Like any battle, we must have a strategy, a plan of attack. That strategy must be firmly established before we spend a single marketing dollar. This is where many business loose the battle. It is often weeks, months, or even years before the issues become evident, but they often start with a failure to take the time to create a planned, organized strategy.

Features Of A Good Marketing Strategy.

  • It is written down
  • Outlines the target customer group(s)
  • Contains a series of clear objectives
  • Quantifiable marketing objectives
  • Uses primarily proven marketing techniques
  • Contains an outline for repeat, referral, and residual business
  • Requires regular review and adjustment
  • It contains deadlines
  • It has a long-term to permanent impact on growth

Benefits Of Your Customized Marketing Strategy.

  • Always know where you are in the marketing process
  • Know who you are trying to reach and how to speak to them
  • Track completion of objectives
  • Objectively evaluate success based on quantifiable measures
  • No guess work. Just field tested success systems
  • Allows for tracking of customer value instead of just sale value
  • Regular review forces real evaluation of effectiveness
  • Deadlines stop hemorrhaging of marketing spend
  • Allows more accurate predictions of growth over time

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