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So you've built your website, uploaded your video, posted you pictures, setup your social media page - So where's all the traffic and business?


Web sites, social media platforms, and content have one thing in common. Unless someone sees them, they are useless. There are many ways to get eyeballs on you're site, social media, and content, but the three most widely utilized are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Which combination of these systems should be used is dependent on many factors. Things like:

  • Do you already have a following on one of the social media platforms and, if so, do your followers fit your target customer group for your offering?
  • What is your initial marketing budget?
  • Do you already have a website and does it have traffic?

These are just a few examples of the questions that must be answered to determine the most effective traffic drivers.

In addition to driving traffic there are also a set of questions that need to be answered with regard to driving actual sales. For instance, an easily understood product is marketed much differently than a complicated service. There a tremendous number of variables at play when it comes to converting traffic to sales. For the purposes of this article, we will just focus on the basics of traffic generation.

Three Proven Traffic Driving Systems

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search engine optimization is an effective way of drawing broad traffic to websites and content. While a relatively short time investment can result in a highly optimized page, post, article, video, or other content, creating consistent sales using SEO can be quite challenging. It is an indispensable part of the  overall marketing effort and will, if done correctly, result in a likely increase in traffic. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


Search engine marketing is the most effective and predictable way to ensure consistent, high-quality, and convertible traffic. There is a cost involve in this type of marketing, but if sales conversion is the goal, its difficult to beat a well managed SEM campaign. The keys to ensuring strong results are, a well defined budget, at least daily monitoring, data collection and analysis, split testing, and a strong understanding of the platform used.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)


Social media marketing is much different to the other two systems mentioned here. While it can be effective in some cases, this system of marketing is very labor intensive, if executed well. SMM is generally a softer sell with a longer sales cycle than the SEO and SEM. That said, in the right circumstances, it can be an extremely good way to develop long lasting new business, or to strengthen existing customer loyalty.

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