Complete Outsourced Digital Marketing


NINTJA is “the comprehensive outsourced marketing department solution” for US based businesses.

Founded as a sole proprietorship, in 2017, after the founding manager had accrued more than 20 years of cross discipline successes in business development and digital marketing, NINTJA has rapidly attracted multiple local businesses as clients. In fact, our growth was so fast that it took us over a year to begin to do the things in our own digital marketing that we regularly do for our clients.

We’re fine with this as our clients needs will always supersede our own. This is a core value held by every member of our diverse and massively experienced team.

Our founder, Simon Warner, has built his reputation and this business on a simple principle, “Integrity is everything in life and business”.

As a result of this underlying philosophy, NINTJA has adopted some simple but powerful foundation level commitments. These commitments are not vague guidelines, but solid business guarantees to our clients.

  • 100% US based staff with communicate clearly, execute well, and always do what they say they will do
  • Variable cost and service packages have been developed to meet every budget and marketing plan
  • Every member of our team is empowered to do what is necessary so you will have a single point of contact within NINTJA and NINTJA will be you single point of contact for every digital marketing need you have from strategy through design, build, and marketing management
  • As a result of our single point of contact for your out-soured digital marketing department, the buck stops here
  • We guaranteed 1 business day response rate or better for all our subscription clients
  • Our management team members boast over 50 years of combined marketing success for local business
  • We don’t make excuses. We meet deadlines and metrics
  • Anyone can build a website these days, but at NINTJA we build complete, powerful, marketing systems that get results using market tested strategies, rather than just “good ideas”.

Quick note to our customers;

If we ever fail to deliver on any part of the commitments listed above, please contact me directly using the link below. I will ensure the issue is resolved to your maximum possible satisfaction as expeditiously as possible.


Simon Warner

Founding Manager

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